Dear students,

On behalf of the Department of Accounting and Finance, of which I am the Head, I would like to congratulate you on your admission to the University of Western Macedonia and, in particular, our Department. This year a new life cycle opens for you.

The Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Western Macedonia has been running since 2019, as part of the School of Economics and one of the largest University departments as regards number of enrolled students. You will find yourself in a new environment and you will experience great changes. Both the teaching and administrative staff will make every effort to create the best conditions to embrace you in the Department. Despite the difficulties we are currently encounter, you should meet and focus on the challenges, incentives and opportunities offered in the new learning environment. By being actively involved in attending lectures and workshops, and also in the events organised by the Department and the University, you will be offered the key to exciting student life experiences.

The period you will spend at the University is crucial for your future life, as you are given the opportunity to get a better understanding of yourselves and cope up with any possible difficulties. You will learn how to be fair and rational in claiming your rights, and strive to solve common problems regarding the proper functioning of our academic community. Be sure we will support all your fair and legitimate claims.

The Department does not only offer discipline-focused education, but also a broad outlook on all related topics. By organising conferences, lectures and discussions, our Department makes a special effort to create the conditions to introduce you to current problems in economics and finance, thus, aiming to help you build up a general background.

The course guide on the Department webpage includes detailed information on courses and student life. Courses focus on the needs for creating a sound theoretical background in Accounting and Finance and provide opportunities for familiarising students with practical applications. Course structure, comprised of a fair number of compulsory and elective modules, is quite flexible to allow for improvements and revisions. In the course guide you will find a thorough description of the Department modules and staff.

I would also like to draw attention to the Postgraduate Programmes offered by the Department:

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Banking – Insurance and Finance
  • Forensic Accounting, a joint programme with the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Neapolis-Paphos.

Finally, doctoral research, requiring a minimum of  three years, completes the second cycle of Postgraduate degree courses. Information on doctoral research is available in the relevant Internal Regulation.

In addition, a well-equipped and modern library, constantly updated with new journals and books and with qualified staff always willing to help you,  will endorse your efforts to get your degree and, in general, acquire outstanding education. Further qualifications, such as computer and software literacy and training as well as foreign language competency, vital in contemporary working environments, will effectively enhance your studies and contribute to your future career.

To conclude, during studies you are also offered the opportunity to add to your experiences by following a “European Education Programme” (Erasmus+), lasting three to twelve months maximum, in one of the EU Universities. The University of Western Macedonia and our Department is partner with specific EU Universities in student mobility programmes.

Detailed information on issues regarding education (undergraduate and postgraduate study, Erasmus+), research and administration is available on the Department webpage.

Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Finance and I wish you a nice and creative journey.