The Department of Accounting and Finance, established in 2019, is one of the 7 Departments of the School of Economics at the University of Western Macedonia.

In the modern economic ecosystem, and in the era of digital transition and environmental crisis, the Department of Accounting and Finance aims to provide, in a high-quality academic and research environment, cutting-edge academic education and business training, and, thus, qualify students for an outstanding career in the field of finance.

Based on educational innovation and interdisciplinary approach, course curricula mainly aim to develop specialist business and administrative skills for human resources, especially in the Region of Western Macedonia, which has been undergoing a transition to the post-lignite era and a change in its development model.

The Department runs five Master’s Degree Programmes, three of which are interdisciplinary, in partnership with other Universities & Departments:

  • MSc in Accounting and Auditing
  • MSc in Banking-Insurance and Finance
  • MSc in Forensic Accounting (Interdisciplinary with the department of Accounting & Finance, Neapolis University, Pafos, Cyprus)
  • MSc in Green Leadership, Organisational Culture & Sustainable Innovative Entrepreneurship (Interdisciplinary with the Department of International and European Economic Studies and the Department of Organisation and Business Administration, University of Western Macedonia)
  • MSc in Tax and Business Law: European and Greek framework (Interdisciplinary with the Department of International and European Economic Studies, University of Western Macedonia).

In addition, the Department offers the opportunity for doctoral (PhD) degrees, in accordance with the internal regulations of the University of Western Macedonia.

The educational process is supported by a well-equipped and modern library, always updated with new journal publications and books, and with qualified staff always willing to contribute to learning and teaching processes. IT skills and training in computer laboratories as well as foreign language competency (English, Russian and Chinese) are also vital to enhancing discipline-related qualifications and contributing to the graduates’ future career.

In the framework of its Internationalisation strategy, the Department has promoted partnerships with 37 European University Departments and offers students the opportunity to add to their experiences by following a “European Education Programme” (Erasmus+), lasting three to twelve months maximum, either for studies or optional internship in European companies (Erasmus+). Detailed information on issues regarding study and research (undergraduate and postgraduate study, PhD degrees, Erasmus+) is available on the Department webpage.

The Department Head
Karafolas Simeon