Student clubs and societies  are the hub of social and cultural life of the University of Western Macedonia and the local communities and welcome memberships from all university students.

Read the list and join the UOWM cultural/recreational or educational clubs and societies!

Aerospace Research Engineering

ASPiRE (Aerospace Research Engineering), has been the official university research group for aerospace applications since October 2017.


ESN is a branch of ESN International, the largest voluntary student organisation in Europe with 500+ branches in 40 European countries, which supports incoming and outgoing Erasmus students on the motto: ‘Students helping students’. ESN UoWM holds cultural – educational events, trips etc.

IEEE Student Branch

  • Kozani: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kastoria: Department of Informatics

The IEEE Student Branch, the first in Western Macedonia and the 6th in Greece, is a member of the International Organisation of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Since 2010, it has been working on increasing students’ technology awareness and skills by organising a variety of activities (competitions, conferences, exhibitions).

UOWM Formula Student

Formula Student, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), ​​has been organising races since 1981.

The team has designed and built a racing car named “Daedalus” 76 and takes part in Formula SAE races with Daedalus Evo every year.

UOWM Security Team

The UoWM Security Team is involved in the research, study and implementation of modern systems and digital security techniques and is focused on contemporary threats and facilities and networks protection.

Typhoon MotoRacing

The Tyfoon MotoRacing team was set up in 2014 by UoWM students who wished to design, study and build a Moto3 racing motorcycle.

Based on Moto racing research, the team increased their knowledge and skills and worked enthusiastically on the project. They focused mainly on safety and built a racing motorcycle in line with Moto3 specifications and the MotoStudent competition guidelines.

Hyperion Robotics

Hyperion Robotics, the UoWM Robotics team, was set up in 2014. The team promotes robotics and develops robotics applications. They have taken part in world competitions and won a number of prizes and awards.

Video Gaming

“SPINNING TOP STUDIOS”, launched in 2017, has been working on smart and skill-based video gaming development.

Just Radio – Student Radio Station

The UoWM Radio Station is one of the first university radio stations in Greece with lots of music, live Dj set, morning news, live communication via chat, and a wide range of interesting topics. “Good Evening”, “Low Tunes”, “Deep Trip”, “Riff Raff” are among their most popular radio programmes. The “Just Radio” team also organise the music festival “Just Radio Festival” with bands from all over Greece and the famous Just Parties.

Sports clubs

Sport events and football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis tournaments are organised for all UoWM students in the University facilities throughout the academic year.

The University offers all students many sports options and modern sports equipment in its outdoor basketball courts and football fields, indoor gyms, basketball and volleyball courts.

Non-native students – Poetry Reading

Non-native UoWM and ERASMUS students read Modern Greek and foreign poems in their mother tongue. Every year, on the occasion of the World Poetry Day, the Poetry Reading group of students organise a very popular event, “Reading Poetry in my Mother Tongue”.

‘Amphitheatre’: UoWM’s Theatrical society

Working on fundamental theatre principles through playing games, improvising and performing activities, ‘Amphitheatre’ organises performances at the end of each academic year. The society collaborates with professional directors of the Municipal and Regional Theatre in Kozani, who encourage students to learn about performing arts and take part in local cultural events.

“Xenophon”: student-volunteering society

“Xenophon”, a group of Accounting and Finance students, welcomes all University students to join a variety of volunteering activities.

Blood Donors: student-volunteering society

Student Blood Donors collaborate with the “Bodossakio” (Ptolemaida) and “Mamatsio” Hospitals (Kozani) and the Medical Association in Kozani and organise voluntary blood donation actions.

The main objective of Student Blood Donors is to raise awareness of the UoWM community about the importance of blood donation .

Pontian Students’ club

The club organises a number of actions and events to preserve and disseminate Pontian tradition and culture, and to promote the history, folklore, dialect and music of the Pontian people.

There are two Pontian student clubs in the University of Western Macedonia, “Akrites” in Kastoria, and “Tradition” in Kozani and Florina.

Music lovers’ society

The society fosters students’ love for music and invites all those who are passionate fans and lovers of music to join the group and promote University musicians and bands.

Midwifery Student Volunteers

Midwifery student volunteers, a newly formed society, organise a number of activities and events in Ptolemaida, such as plays, music events, seminars, meetings etc.

Agriculture Student society

The School of Agriculture has organised a student society for all UoWM Agriculture students.

Student representatives are elected for the:

  • School General Assembly
  • Deanship
  • department Assembly
  • various School and Department committees

Primary Education Student society

The team helps Primary Education students cope up with various discipline-related problems and issues and encourages democratic dialogue, mobility, and exchange and juxtaposition of ideas.

Dancing (Latin) Society

‘Dancing means discussing through a sequence of body movements’… This is what the students of the Latin-dancing society say. Everybody can dance, when they feel like it and if they are open-minded people. Our body is our tool, but the mind and soul are our driving force. The group states: “Let’s roll, swirl, jump, turn over, lean on, bend, follow rules and break them, improvise and, most of all, be happy! ”

The list of Student clubs and societies is regularly updated.

Info: Alexia Antoniadou, in charge of the UoWM student clubs and societies


Tel: 2461068279