The Department of Accounting and Finance aims at fostering education, academic research and knowledge in key discipline-related issues.

It is focused on a wide range of subjects, and caters for fundamental education and acquisition of professional skills, to qualify students for continuously promoting advances in Accounting and Finance, and achieving outstanding positions in Greece and abroad.

Apart from its educational function, the Department of Accounting and Finance participates in a number of national and international research projects, with publications in international journals and presentations at international or national conferences. It also places special emphasis on linking academic research to business, research and development. Expert competence and skills in Accounting and Finance are vital assets for careers in a wide range of fields, from businesses and organisations, to scientific research and academia.

Its major objectives are to:

  • qualify students with a thorough grounding in the basic principles of Accounting and Finance
  • offer in-depth training and skills to enable students to implement acquired knowledge
  • deliver high quality teaching and assessment in all taught subjects
  • provide training in state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories
  • encourage students to make the most of their studies and ensure a successful future career
  • participate in European and national educational and training programmes (i.e. Erasmus student and academic staff mobility programmes)
  • enhance scientific collaboration among students and encouraging self-study
  • promote high social standards and values (collaboration, solidarity, togetherness, etc.) as well as cultural development and involvement
  • organise postgraduate courses aiming at enhancing specialised knowledge
  • carry out highly academic discipline-specific research
  • collaborate with other academic Institutions, in Greece and abroad
  • emphasise the importance of academic unit evaluation